5.100 m/s

5100 m_s photo by joan catala



5100 m/s is a confirmation: It is the approximate speed of sound through metal, the inorganic matter which is the protagonist of this piece. The idea is born out of a desire to give significance to the activities that are carried out in a place of work. The Workshop. A place where trial and error are common. A place of precision and detail, where beauty is forged at the blow of a hammer.
This project unites three lines of work:
The manipulation of different objects (plates, tubes, tools, etc.) to create their own universe. A choreography that interweaves acrobatics, balancing and dance while blurring the boundaries between them. And finally, the composition of a unique soundscape of our own, with the aid of the contemporary percussionist group, Frames Percussion, who will play live, while co-existing with and supporting the other two aspects of the work.
Any intention beyond this would be to quite simply provide the spectator with a physical, sonorous journey. A unique moment in which the performers that enable this, do so by going beyond the idea of ‘skills’; thus drawing from the wide range of emotions that derive from being totally immersed in a task that is being carried out to the best of one’s abilities.


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