5.100 m/s

It is the aproximate speed of sound through metal.


Extraordinarily and for the reasons of the Covid-19, we will present a different format from the show we are creating.




‘It’s possible that the term ‘craftsmanship’ might suggest a way of life that languished with the advent of industrial society, but this is misleading. ‘Craftsmanship’ names an enduring, basic human impulse, the desire to do a job well for its own sake.” This is a quotation from ”The Craftsman" by Richard  Sennett. Some time ago this idea acted as a trigger to my aspirations. It was a marker that fell clearly into place; an unlocking, a hammer-blow.
It was yet another way to question the differences between ‘art and crafts’ and it encouraged me to give physical and poetic shape to this adventure that I call ‘5,100 m/s’. 5100 m/s is a scientific observation: It is the approximate speed of sound through iron, the inorganic matter at the centre of his piece; a heavy material that can become light and can be as hard as it can be giving.
For as long as I can remember, the dirt, the smell, the sounds and the coldness of iron have been part of my paternal family. I have spent countless hours in the workshop; for many years, perhaps without much enthusiasm, forced to live in and amongst its various forms.Today, freed from these obligations, I feel compelled to value all that time and the memories that I have of those places we call ‘workshops’. Spaces where trial and error are a constant, alongside precision and detail, where skilled workers turn their trade into art, their hammer-blows forging beauty; a rough beauty due to the literal force involved in its creation.
The intention is to offer to the public a physicalsound journey beyond the virtuosic feats that our physical language can offer. We are a group of people who love both arts and crafts. Nonetheless, the specialities we practise are contemporary dance, acrobatics, gesture, music, as well as the manipulation and  ransformation of objects. Theatrical disciplines that are the tools of our trade.
From crafts and from art. We are transformers, players, restless beings that seek to entertain and allow others the enjoyment of a rich world of images. These images are born out of concepts that oscillate between lightness and gravity; concrete and abstract; the human figure set against the installation; mechanics and the will to fly. And, lastly, a hardness that becomes soft.

TITLE. 5.100 m/s
DIRECTOR. Joan Català, Iris Heitzinger
CAST. Cecilia Colacrai, Jose Luís Redondo, Joan Català, Nathalie Remadi, Natxo Montero, Sergio Gonzalez
SOUND SPACE. Miquel Vich y Ruben Martinez (Frames Percussion) y Gerard Valverde
LIGHTING. Joana Serra y Guillem Gelabert
APPRECIATION. Jordi Casanovas, Elena Carmona, Roser Tutusaus, Armando Rabanera, Ania Buraczynska, Pablo Carratalà i Tallers Juan Català
PREMIÈRE. 2020, Barcelona
DURATION. 70 minutes

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