El vol de d’enclusa

Iron and memory

Creative thinking is a work, in the proper sense of the word,
rather than a flash of unexpected insight that comes effortlessly.

Juhani Pallasmaa

My name and surname, Joan Catalá, goes back three consecutive generations,

Since I was very young I remember tinkering with iron and tools in my grandfather’s and my father’s workshop. The most primitive memories I have of that space: irons and their various shapes, machines, noise, smells, sparks, the dirt of the workshop… And a very specific object: an anvil. Made in 1903.
The two generations that preceded me tried to write my destiny. I decided to write my own.

In this project I enter the life of a workshop. I want you to enter with me, if only for a brief moment, to see the life of this workshop (my workshop); the precision and the disorder; the trial and error of handmade work. A small chaos turned here into a fantastic field for the imaginary. To transform objects. To re-signify the blacksmith’s work, a dirty and poetic work in equal parts in this workshop that balances between the legacy that precedes me and artistic concerns.

My intention is to make light of the hardness of this apparently cold, sordid, dirty and heavy material that is iron.
The desire: to make us fly leaving our feet on the ground.

TITLE. El vol de l’enclusa
DIRECTOR / IDEA. Joan Català