Pelat is a proposal that erases the boundaries between dance, circus, theater, and performance: between audience and the show. A natural review of handcrafted techniques and own memories. A changing and unique sample as a result of the interaction with the audience.

Pelat draws a previous plan and particularly revives the look into handcrafted works without technological means.

Is a dialogue between human been and object and from a gesture it is intended to leave space to the imaginary in order to share experiences and responsibilities in an evanescent ritual.

Idea and direction: Joan Català

External view: Roser Tutusaus, Melina Pereyra, Jordi Casanovas, David Climent y Pablo Molinero(Los corderos).

Pelat has received the support from Fira Tárrega, El Graner centre de creació del cos y el movimient, Cronopis circus space in Mataró, festival Sismograf in Olot, festival TNT Terrasa, Trayectos danza Zaragoza, Animal a l’esquena in Celrà, and Mika projects.

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* 1st Jury Award at best street performance, MIRAMIRO 2014 Festival (Gent, Belgium)

* Aplauso del público Award 2014, FAD Sebastià Gasch de las Artes Parateatrales Awards

* Best street performance Award, 2013 Zirkolika Award