Move, poetry, balance.


Audience award SEBASTIÀ GASCH, Barcelona 2014


Miramiko fot the best street performance at MIRAMIKO festival, Bèlgica 2014


Best street performance award ZIRKOLIKA, 2013

Pelat is a proposal that erases the boundaries between dance, circus, theater and performance: between audiance and the show. A natural review of handcrafted techniques and own memories. A changing and unique sample as a result of the interaction with the audience.
Pelat draws a previous plan and particularly revives the look into handcrafted works without technological means. It is a dialogue between a person and an object and from a gesture it is intended to leave space to the imaginary in order to share experiences and responsibilities in an evanescent ritua. Pelat has recived the support from Fira Tárrega, El Graner centro de creación del cos i moviment, Cronopis circus space in Mataró, SISMÒGRAF festival in Olot,  TNT Terrassa festival, Trayectos danza Zaragoza, Animal a l’esquena in Celrà and Mika projects.

TITLE. Pelat
DIRECTOR / IDEA. Joan Català
EXTERNAL VIEW. Roser Tutusaus, Melina Pereyra, Jordi Casanovas, David Climent y Pablo Molinero (Los corderos)
PHOTOGRAPHY. Àngels Melange
PREMIÈRE. 2013, Tàrrega

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